Roman Catholic Diocese of Tambacounda

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tambacounda (Latin: Tambacundan(us), French: Diocèse catholique romain de Tambacounda) is a diocese located in the city of Tambacounda in the Ecclesiastical province of Dakar in Senegal.


Special churches

  • The cathedral is Cathédrale Marie Reine de l’Univers in Tambacounda, which is located in the Medina Coura neighborhood of the town.


  • Prefect Apostolic of Tambacounda (Roman rite)
  • Bishops of Tambacounda (Roman rite)
    • Bishop Jean-Noël Diouf (1989.04.17 – 2017.08.05)
    • Bishop Paul Abel Mamba Diatta (2021.11.04 – …)

13°45′45″N 13°40′27″W / 13.7626°N 13.6742°W / 13.7626; -13.6742

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